Workshop summary

How structured data and its analytic applications serve sports federations.

More and more decision makers in the sports federation business (for example International Sports Federations / National Olympic Committees / National Governing Bodies / National Sport Councils) become aware of the value and importance of data. At Infostrada Sports we have been working on an extensive sports database for 20 years, which we use to serve these federations in their need for structured and reliable data. Our Analytics department develops tooling to turn this data into information and knowledge.


Information Podium Standard

Our Podium Standard solution focuses on the information side: how can we translate this complex database into an environment where everybody can find his way through sports results, rankings and analyses with an easy-to-use interface.

Knowledge Podium Plus

Our Podium Plus solution takes data and analysis one step further and focuses on the knowledge side: how can we add sport-specific value with in-house developed forecasting modules, funnels to define talent pathways, age analyses and so on.


This workshop will focus on both of the above aspects by responding to questions from the audience live on stage using the three main applications we have built over the past years and are currently building.


Podium, the Performance Manager; Contains historic data varying from Olympic Games to World Youth Championships to Commonwealth Games to World Rankings as well as analyses on sport, athlete and country level.

Podium Matches; Contains matches data from Olympic Games to World Championships to Continental Championships from 2004 onwards as well as some basic analyses on sport, athlete and team level.

Podium Sports; Based on federation requests we are in the process of developing applications for Olympic sports which contain forecasting, funnels and custom analyses.


Workshop Facilitator

Mr Simon Gleave, Head of Analysis, Infostrada and Mr Bert Martens, Manager Analytics, Infostrada

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