Workshop summary

Talent, Genetics and Elite Sport Policy


Over recent years attention has been paid to the role of genetics in sport, and it is obvious there is much to be done in clarifying the science behind genetics and, importantly, the place of genetics in society- including its possible applications in sport. Our speakers will present on the themes of the science of genetics and on current thinking on gene testing in society. The session will explore the applications of genetics to talent identification and development in sport, using genes as risk markers, and touch on gene doping.


The discussion will allow time for open discussion and reflection on the broader issues around the use of genes - including identifying the stakeholders, and the roles of the policymakers and ethicists.


Dr Nir Eynon, guest speaker in this workshop, has just been referenced in a recent Age article on gene testing for sport potential in children.


Workshop Facilitator

Adjunct Prof Peter Fricker, VU, University of Canberra and Griffith University

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