Workshop Chair / Presenters

Ms Natalie Lender

PhD candidate at Deakin University, (AUS)



Currently a PhD candidate at Deakin University, under the supervision of Dr Lisa Barnett, Professor Phil Morgan and Professor Jo Salmon. Prior to this I worked for 10 years as a science and physical education teacher in schools in Melbourne, Brisbane and Internationally; holding leadership positions including HPE Coordinator, Sport Coordinator, Year Level Coordinator, and Pastoral coordinator. Throughout that tenure, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Sports Science and Coaching, and and Honours Degree in Health Science. I subsequently moved into the tertiary system where I lectured into the Physical Education degree at RMIT, in Thematics (FMS), Applied Science, Teaching Methodology, as well as several specialist practical units.


I am passionate about high quality PE instruction. Instruction that is engaging, exciting and purposeful. My interest is particularly focused on the FMS instructional strategies used by PE teachers at the year 7 level, when teaching girls, as this cohort is particularly concerning in terms of their low FMS proficiency level, and thus requires highly engaging, creative and motivating strategies to captivate the student. And indeed, the teaching and assessing of FMS, at this level, has been and is the focus of my PhD.


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