Workshop Chair / Presenters

Mr Machar Reid

Innovation Catalyst (AUS)



Machar is one of international tennis's preeminent voices in sport and coaching science. He is currently the Innovation Catalyst at Tennis Australia; having previously served as its inaugural High Performance Manager (2011-14) and Sport Science & Medicine Manager (2008-2010). Throughout Machar's time at Tennis Australia, he has led the sport in its embrace of contemporary science. The efforts of Machar's team helped to restore Australian tennis players to the upper echelons of the sport. Prior to this time, Machar forged a successful career working directly with a number of top 30 ranked professional male and female players as well as with the International Tennis Federation as a touring coach and coach educator. Machar has a PhD in Biomechanics, and ranks among those professionals to have successfully crossed over from coaching into sports administration and then sports science, having published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and books/book chapters in the field.


In his current role, Machar is responsible for establishing and managing Tennis Australia's research and innovation strategy, bringing together the related intellectual and operational capital company-wide. His current portfolio of work focuses on making the sport easier and more enjoyable to play by liberating the game's equipment and the court's real estate, while also igniting the game's dormant data base to better engage fans.




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