Invited Speaker

Mr Leigh Holmes

Assistant Sport Director, Maribyrnong Sports Academy

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development - Victoria



Leigh has taught in the government school sector for 15 years, starting as a physical educator and then moving into school administration.  He has coached to elite level in the sport of Cricket and worked in two successful sport schools.  Leigh is currently the Assistant Director of the Maribyrnong Sports Academy in Melbourne’s burgeoning Western suburbs – the fastest growth corridor in Australia. Maribyrnong Sports Academy is the Victorian government’s first sports specialism and home to over 520 student athletes learning and training in world class sports facilities and supported by over 70 coaches, sports scientists, consultants and 120 teachers.  Through the Sport Academy’s strong connections internationally, Maribyrnong has been able to establish multiple sister school relationships with sports school around the globe.



Education systems and schools around the world are implementing specialisms in sport and physical education to achieve wide ranging goals – increased health and fitness of children, high performance outcomes, sport career pathways, increased student engagement and increased academic results. Leigh will share the journey of Maribyrnong Sports Academy, the Victorian government sport specialism in relation to these outcomes in addition to other perspectives.


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