Workshop Chair / Presenters

Professor David Bishop



Professor David Bishop has 20 years of experience as both a researcher and an applied sport scientist working with elite athletes. In the three years prior to the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he worked with Australian hockey, water polo, netball, beach volleyball and kayak teams. Professor Bishop has also gained invaluable experience consulting with professional teams such as the Fremantle Football Club.


Professor Bishop is the inaugural research leader (sport science) at ISEAL and oversees world-class research focusing on improving the sporting performance of individual athletes and teams. In particular, Professor Bishop is internationally-renowned for his research concerning team-sport performance, with a particular focus on repeated-sprint ability (RSA), the optimization of training, and the effects of muscle pH on performance and fatigue.


Professor Bishop has ~ 200 peer-reviewed articles and 6 book chapters in the area of human movement and sport science. Professor Bishop is also the past president of Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA), and assistant editor of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (MSSE).


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