About Spliss

SPLISS (Sports Policy factors Leading to International Sporting Success) is an international network of research cooperation that coordinates, develops and shares expertise in innovative high performance sport policy research in cooperation with policy makers, National Olympic Committees (NOCs), international (sport) organisations, and researchers worldwide. In 2008 they developed their first joint project comparing 6 nations, that resulted in a joint book "a global sporting armsrace" (note that a summary of the SPLISS 1.0 study is freely available from www.SPLISS.net).


Since 2009 the group has set up a new international collaborative project with partners in 15 countries, over 3000 elite athletes, over 1300 elite coaches and more than 240 Performance directors. The project is a collaboration of 43 researchers and 33 policy partners worldwide. The results of this most innovative benchmarking project will be presented during the conference along with a book on the SPLISS 2.0 project.


More information, please contact SPLISS@vub.ac.be or veerle.de.bosscher@vub.ac.be.

SPLISS Partners


SPLISS 2.0 is a collaborative project of different research partners. These are:

  • Australia: Victoria University
  • Belgium: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Flanders) and Université Catholique de Louvain (Wallonia)
  • Brazil: University of São Paulo
  • Canada: Mount Royal University
  • Denmark: Danish Institute for Sports Studies & University of Southern Denmark
  • Estonia: National Audit Office of Estonia
  • France: Institut National du Sport et de l'Éducation Physique
  • Finland: Research institute for Olympic Sports
  • Japan: Waseda University & Japan Institute of Sports Sciences
  • The Netherlands: Utrecht University
  • Northern Ireland: Sport Northern Ireland & Sheffield Hallam University
  • Portugal: Beira Interior University
  • South Korea : Korea Institute of Sport Science
  • Spain: INEF De Cataluña
  • Switzerland: Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen


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